Psd2Xcode - Simplified App Development

Psd2Xcode - Simplified App Development

We are sorry to say that Psd2Xcode is no more available on the App Store!

For any questions pleas send us an email.

Step by Step Tutorial - EN DE

Psd2Xcode is not fully compatible with the newest version of Xcode! We are working on it…

Psd2Xcode is compatible with Adobe Photoshop® only.
PSD-Files saved with other Graphic-Software will not work.
Please feel free to contact our Support.


Design everything in Photoshop®

Design the whole front-end of your App in Adobe Photoshop®. Including App-Icon, Launch image, UIImageViews, ScrollViews, buttons, text...
Checkout the detailed documentation here.

Let Psd2Xcode do the magic

The Tool itself is extremly easy to use. Just open your PSD-File, choose between a specific and an universal layout and choose the Xcode project you want the design to be applied with. Psd2Xcode will generate the storyboard and all assets for your App, including all image sizes needed.

Get your design in Xcode®

Your Xcode project will be updated instantly with the new content Psd2xcode has generated from your psd-file. Designer and Developer can work completely independant. Changes in the design can be easily applied by using Psd2Xcode again. Segues, Constraints and additional UI elemnts will be preserved.


Checkout our video tutorials and learn more about Psd2Xcode. You can find the full documentation here. An Example Project and the corresponding PSD files can be found on Github

The video- tutorials contain screenshots of version 1.0. New tutorials of version 1.2 coming soon.

Part 1 - Create the Design in Photoshop

Create the PSD-File with the right dimensions.
Create the first group [li] for the Launch image.
Learn how to prepare PS-Layers to be rendered as UIImageViews [img]

Part 2 - App icon and Xcode project

Make the App icon [ic] in Photoshop
and set up the proper Xcode project.

Part 3 - UIViewController and Buttons

Create a UIViewController [vc]
and advanced UI-Button [btn inside the vc-group] with
default, highlighted and selected state.
Usage of Adobe CC Library

Part 4 - UIScrollView

Create a UIScrollView
and some simple buttons [btn]

Part 5 - Psd2Xcode and Xcode

Let Psd2Xcode do the magic!
Add constraints and segues in Xcode,
try the app in the simulator.
Update the design with Psd2Xcode and
get the final app.

Create the Design in Photoshop - Quick tour

See the creation off the whole app design
as a time lapse with subtitles

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